Harry ditches Meghan, returns home


Prince Harry has separated from his wife Meghan Markle and has been flown by RAF jet back to Great Britain from the west coast of Canada to continue his princely duties and “fulfill my destiny”.aroyal corres dinkus

My spies at Windsor Castle have told me Prince Harry was beside himself when in a trans-Atlantic telephone conversation with his grandmother Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth overnight he first heard his father had contracted coronavirus.

“How absolutely ghastly, grand-mummy,” the Prince and the sixth in line to the throne reportedly said, his voice thick with emotion. “Is daddy dreadfully ill?

“And I suppose he’s had a lot of contact over recent times with William and whats-her-name… Kate?

“I’m sure papa has also been in close contact with Willie’s lovely little children, Three, Four, and Five… I mean George, Charlotte, and Louis?”

My royal sources tell me that once Her Majesty advised him that, yes, the Prince of Wales had been seeing a lot of his other son and his other grandchildren, the Duke of Sussex immediately got off the phone.

Reports from insiders at His Non-Royal Highness’s household on Vancouver Island  suggest that Prince Harry then lost no time in telling Meghan that their mixed marriage “simply was not working out at all well” and he wished her and wee little Arnold (sic) well.

As the prince ordered his butlers and chauffeur to pack his monogrammed Victorinox and Burberry valises, suitcases and hunting-gun boxes, he reportedly took one final call from one of his Invictus Games senior lieutenants.

“For goodness sake, you served your country and got hurt,” the Prince reportedly snapped. “Suck it up, man, and get on with your life!”