Surprise entry in US race

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Democrat race widens

The decision by Joe Biden to pick a woman as his running mate if he becomes the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee has sparked the entry into the nomination race by a formerly obscure candidate.

Previously unknown Vermont Senator Bernadette Sanders (main picture) acknowledged that she was entering the nomination race somewhat late.

“Nevertheless, I am determined to give it my all and to ensure Democrats have a real choice for their presidential nominee,” she said.

“Of course, logically, whoever doesn’t become the party’s presidential candidate should be considered as its vice-presidential candidate.

“I’m prepared for either eventuality. I’m well prepared to become President of the United States or to be just one pacemaker away from the top job,” Senator Sanders said.

Supermarkets advise customers

Australia’s major supermarket chains have published an open letter to their customers to address consumer response to the current coronavirus crisis.

openletterAldi, Coles, and Woolworths have joined forces to address the crisis through the message to consumers and provide them with essential information.

A spokesperson for the three companies said the letter (pictured) provided essential advice to customers and reflected the retailers’ response to recent consumer demands sparked by the coronavirus.