Enough pun-ishment already!

media dinkus

It’s now beyond a joke….

The Bug understands ABC News Breakfast co-host Lisa Miller demanded the 30mm thick, metre–wide, floor-to-ceiling steel plate shown (above) between herself and co-host Michael Rowland for this morning’s broadcast.

“This has nothing to do with crowd distancing to minimise the risk of Coronavirus,” she apparently told the show’s producers while making the demand. “It’s so I won’t hopefully be able to hear his corny puns and woeful dad jokes any more.

“If this doesn’t work, I’ll happily wear earmuffs,” she added this morning.

We’re gonna need a bigger room…

The Channel 9 Sydney 6pm news on Monday night and the ABC nightly bulletin that followed it both advised that the famous Golden Slipper race at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney on March 21 would be run “behind closed doors”.

That’s some room even for such a relatively short race.

Dribble at the NBL

Commentators at the third NBL finals game in Sydney last Sunday between the Sydney Kings and the Perth Wildcats observed that the game was being played “before an empty crowd”.

Reminded The Bug of a certain ABC weather reporter who always said “the winds were calm”.