Bunnings apologises for shortage


National hardware chain Bunnings has apologised for a sudden shortage of toilet seats, cisterns, and bathroom sinks in its stores.

A company spokesperson said Bunnings warehouses across the nation had been inundated in recent days by customers seeking replacement products.

“We’re not sure what’s caused this sudden upsurge in demand and the product shortages we are experiencing. It’s quite a mystery actually,” the spokesperson said.

“But without fail these customers tell staff that they have deliberately  demolished or removed their toilet seats and cisterns as well as other bathroom fittings (main picture).

“Oddly enough, these customers are also heavy users of social media and they are also the ones who are coming to Bunnings seeking to buy even more toilet paper to add to the huge stocks they have already acquired through ongoing panic buying.

“And, quite strangely, they all say that the bathroom fittings they have destroyed and need to replace are Caroma brand products,” the spokesperson said.