Columnist faces more charges


Queensland Health has joined the federal government’s consumer watchdog in bringing charges against The Bug’s financial and investment adviser Morrie Bezzle (pictured).

morrie newsconfThe Australian Competition and Consumer Commission this week caused charges to be laid against Mr Bezzle for sponsoring an allegedly fraudulent advertising campaign promoting sales of his own brand of toilet rolls by claiming other brands carried a use-by date and that out-of-date rolls posed a risk of transmitting coronavirus (pictured).

Queensland Health has since announced a move against Mr Bezzle under the state’s Health Act for a related offence involving the publication and promotion of a cookbook containing recipes based on toilet paper as a main ingredient (main picture).

MORREITOILETPAPERA Queensland Health spokesperson said when departmental investigators interviewed Mr Bezzle about his new cookbook he explained he had seen news footage and photos of panic buying of toilet paper at supermarkets across Australia.

“He told our investigators that he believed at some stage in the near future government authorities would declare that all Australians, or at least a significant portion of them, should self-isolate for 14 days to help halt the spread of the coronavirus.

“Mr Bezzle claimed he had the interests of Australians at heart because while most people would now have a huge stock of toilet paper in their homes following recent panic buying, most of them had neglected to also fill their shopping trolleys with food to eat during any 14-day self-isolation period.

“Mr Bezzle said his cookbook aimed to prevent individuals and families starving while quarantined in their homes by offering recipes for meals based on using toilet paper as the main ingredient,” the QH spokesperson said.

When contacted for comment Mr Bezzle said he welcomed having his day in court.

“It will be a chance to show that instead of the shiny-arsed bureaucrats at Queensland Health persecuting and prosecuting me, they should be rewarding me for helping to avoid a major and imminent public health problem — namely people starving in their own homes,” he said.