New CM broom sweeping same old shit

media dinkus

Perhaps the “They’re kidding” splash shown at top could equally apply to the editor of The Courier-Mail and his senior staffers, given the clearly editorial nature of the heading and the write-off to the story beside it.

The overall story is fair enough and is one that could have been dished out fairly and squarely to reporters in any newsroom that takes its professionalism seriously. Also at The Courier-Mail on the odd occasion.

The state’s police minister has slammed the courts for not applying the government’s laws updated last year to deal with child criminals. The poor old magistrates probably can’t respond so let’s get a comment from the lawyers. All good stuff.

But The Bug’s guess is that as soon as the paper’s trio of reporters began tackling that task, someone high up at the Courier decided the government was awash with hypocrisy on the issue and weak on crime and rushed off to the graphics department for the heading they wanted to use.

For make no mistake. “They’re kidding” is a direct slap at the government. It sides with the government’s critics.courier story - they're kidding - net

Ditto with the intro that is unashamedly anti-Palaszczuk. It’s clear where the blame lies for whatever’s wrong with the system. It’s the government’s laws at fault; not their interpretation by the beaks.

The Bug is not particularly concerned with whether the government is indeed being pathetic on this issue and its history on it is shonky. It’s an election year and any government huffing and puffing about crime probably has a record capable of worthy criticism.

But we will simply make the observation that the two quotes from ministers shown on the front cover are not of themselves necessarily contradictory or proof positive of rampant hypocrisy or any dramatic policy turnaround.

The Minister in that 2019 quote does appear to be implying that kids with convictions shouldn’t be the recipient of any leniency. Indeed, any plan to keep kids out of jail would normally have been lauded, especially by The Courier-Mail if the LNP were in power.

Does any reasonable and balanced person doubt that if the LNP were in power, The Courier-Mail‘s slant would have been of a good government that had tried its best by errant kiddies last year but was now toughening its stance on child crime and calling on the courts to follow suit?

Instead, the powers-that-be up at Campbell Street smelled a disingenuous Labor government and we can only wonder at the brief given to its reporters to talk to someone happy to expose them for that.

Just don’t editorialise on it. There will be plenty of opportunities in the months ahead for the Courier and its sister Sunday paper to run “Put the Premier out to pasture!” and “We need Deb!” editorials disguised as front-page news. Over and over again.

The sad but true bottom line is that this Courier splash and the story it touts are just fresh and glaring examples of the hopelessly biased and unbalanced nature of this right-wing excuse for a newspaper. Is it any wonder we at The Bug call News Queensland the Bowen Hills branch of the LNP.

This “They’re Kidding” performance should, at the very least, put one bizarre notion to rest; some of The Bug’s journo friends thought – maybe that should be hoped – the newish editor of the Courier might have wielded a new broom that just possibly could have swept some of its shit practices aside and restored some the the paper’s lost credibility.

It looks like they were kidding themselves.


No appearance, your honours

Maybe George Pell and the Catholic Church should have hired much better lawyers to fight his sex convictions in the High Court this week.

Channel 7 Melbourne’s mid-afternoon news on Tuesday reported that those lawyers would launch “an attempted appeal” on behalf of the disgraced cardinal.


Gun reporting all round

Over in Sydney on 9’s late afternoon news the same arvo, a tyro reporter gushed that the NSW Police Minister was “looking down the barrel” of a machine gun he was firing at a range.

Luckily for the controversial minister and no doubt disappointing to his political opponents, accompanying vision showed this was not the case and he did indeed have the pointy end of the weapon facing the target.

We’d expect nothing less of a former army officer, although he was holding the weapon by its magazine and not the grip, front handle, one for the use of, as he was supposedly trained so to do.

But then again, given some of the shit he’s done and said of recent times, the army perhaps should have been the crowning glory of his working life.