Libs play mugs game


The federal Liberal Party has unveiled plans to offload its huge stock of “Back in Black” coffee mugs.

A party spokesperson said the strategy involved rebranding the original “Back in Black” mugs with some extra words stuck on and offering them for sale in a two-for-one deal with a second mug featuring the Morrison Government’s new slogan “Cut Us Some Slack”.

“The idea of rebranding the existing mugs and offloading them with a new one at a cut price was the sole idea of  Prime Minister Scott Morrison,” a Liberal Party spokesperson said.

“You’ve got to hand it to him, the guy’s a marketing genius.

“I mean who else could possibly have thought we should be claiming the nation’s books were ‘Back in Black’ in the first place?

“It was a big call, especially given how fragile the nation’s fiscal position has been in recent years.

“Plus when he came up with the slogan for the 2019-20 Budget delivered before the last election it was more than a year out from when any official Treasury figures could officially confirm the claim, or torpedo it.

“As many people have said to me, it just goes to show the depth of the PM’s talent.

“I find it hard to argue with that,” the spokesperson said.