Bernie changes tack

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WASHINGTON: Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign tilt is back on track with significant changes to his strategy following a disappointing Super Tuesday performance.

The Vermont Senator has re-labelled himself as a “democratic capitalist”, has undergone a major facelift and full back-brace insert and has changed his birth date on all records to September 8, 1961.


BOSTON: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s withdrawal from the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination race has sparked a social media storm with speculation running rife that she prefers Donald Trump over Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden.

But Senator Warren has moved quickly to clarify remarks she made after her withdrawal announcement and confirmed she would be campaigning for whoever won her party’s nomination.

“What I said when I announced my decision to end my campaign was that it’s unfortunate that the nominee is not going to be a woman in 2020,” she explained.

“I then went on to say it is disappointing that once again the party’s nominee looks like being an old white man. After that I said at least Donald Trump is a man of colour, even if it’s orange. Then Twitter just exploded.”


CANBERRA: All state health departments and their federal counterpart have agreed on measures to try to overcome the toilet paper shortage caused by panic buying nationwide over the Coronavirus threat.

Australians everywhere are being asked to conserve their existing toilet roll supplies by using both sides of each sheet of paper.

For Australians with a Scottish heritage, this now means, naturally enough, using both sides twice.