Paul Kelly still trying to make the gravy

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen….

Is there anything sadder than to have witnessed over recent years the once brilliant and fair-minded brain of that doyen of political scribes – Paul Kelly – turn to absolute mush at The Australian?

Kelly opined recently that the test of Scott Morrison as our national leader will come with how he deals with the Coronavirus threat and a weakening Australian economy.

This could be the making of the man sort of stuff.

Paul. Paul. Paul. Dearheart. God bless your cotton socks.

Morrison as a leader of men and women? That ship sailed a long time ago. To Hawaii, probably.

Morrison’s big chance to show any hint of leadership went up in flames with the eucalypts of the Blue Mountains and all that bushland around the country’s eastern coast, taking dozens of lives and some lovely villages with them.

While more and more of us see Morrison as dead, buried and cremated, dear, dear Paul will keep finding salvation for Smoky in some leadership test or another, until the dear old boy’s dark-blue inkwell finally dries up.


Their. They’re. There.

The Bug normally eschews small mistakes in journalism; major factual errors are our normal go-to for a bit of fun-poking at the fourth estate instead of a scribe’s little brain fades such as a misplaced apostrophe or the use of rein where reign was meant. That sort of thing.

there they're there - netSo while this example from ABC recently does not spell the end of quality journalism as we know it, strap lines on television news reports are pointing more and more to  declining basic standards within the fourth estate.

In fact, maybe the strapline writer here wasn’t even a journalist?

Still, a mistake has been made and all we can say is “Their. They’re. There.”

A challenge for Fran

Anyone else getting sick and tired of Fran Kelly? We heard her rousing the other morning at Labor’s Jim Chalmers for “talking down the economy”.

No sooner had the Opposition’s Treasury spokesman left the studio and one of the Peter Van Onselens had taken his place, Fran was quick off the mark to ask Poiter what he thought about Labor talking down the economy in such a naughty way.

Hello! Is dear Fran having memory issues?

Whenever the LNP have been consigned to the Opposition benches, they have seethed with anger at the injustice of it all – what with their god-given right to rule and all – and have never miss a chance to bag the economy here or when OS if it means they can get their sad and sorry arses back on ministerial leather as soon as possible as divinity, Rupert Murdoch and nature intended.

Perhaps Fran might provide some transcripts about how she got stuck into the Tories such as Abbott and Hockey between 2007 and 2013 and during earlier Labor governments? If Fran can remember where she stored them.

And don’t get us started on Fran’s “It’s time to move on from the sports and other rorts saga” shtick she seems to have going at the moment.