Corono virus proves a boon for some


Growing worldwide concern over the spread of Coronavirus has proved a big sales fillip for at least one major Australian corporation.

News Corp Australia is reporting big spikes in actual paid sales of their major printed mastheads, including The Courier-Mail in Brisbane, The Daily Telegraph in Sydney and the Herald Sun in Melbourne.

The unexpected sales bonanza has come largely through big lifts in customer demand at newsagents in the nation’s shopping centres and malls where panic buying over recent days has stripped nearby supermarket shelves of all supplies of toilet paper.

The masthead said to have benefited the most is the national broadsheet, The Australian, with daily sales – actual sales and not just those big free bundles never picked up at airports –  reportedly almost doubling to 27,000 copies.

One newsagent in Hurstville’s mega Westfield shopping complex in inner-southern Sydney told The Bug early this morning: “Shoppers are particularly keen to grab copies of The Australian.

“Maybe it’s because it’s a broadsheet and that’s a bit of a safety factor for users but I think they like the whiter paper because it’s easier to see when you’ve wiped the last of your shit off.”