AFP head lopped off in Estimates


Veteran Canberra observers are still shaking their heads this morning over the fiery clash between Labor’s Senator Kristina Keneally and relatively new Australian Federal Police commissioner Reece Kershaw in Estimates hearings yesterday. They reckoned they’d never seen anything like it and you might agree after reading this transcript of just part of their heated exchange.

tape recorder

Senator Keneally: Surely you can’t be serious?

Commissioner Kershaw: I am. I really would prefer that question to be put on notice.

Senator Keneally: I’ve simply asked for your full name, rank and position and you want that put on notice?

Commissioner Kershaw: Yes. I’d prefer that …. sorry, hold on…. actually, I’ve got a new system here and apparently I can answer that now. My name is Reece Kershaw, and I am the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police.

Senator Keneally: I’m glad we got that settled. Did anyone in the AFP interview Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore over the forged document used to criticise her?

Commissioner Kershaw: I’ll take that on notice.

Senator Keneally: Thought you might. Did anyone from the AFP interview Minister Angus Taylor or any of his staff about who might have prepared this fake document in his office?

Commissioner Kershaw: I’ll take that on notice.

Senator Keneally: Have you realised yet that I’m here interviewing you as to whom if anybody the AFP interviewed over the fake document affair?

Commissioner Kershaw: Yes, I’ve noticed that.

Senator Keneally: Headway at last! So we now know that at least someone has been interviewed over this scandal. And it turns out to be you!

Commissioner Kershaw: I’ll take that….

Senator Keneally: Yeah, I know. On notice. You clearly brought a large number of your senior officers with you today (main picture). Maybe in hindsight a waste of limited personnel resources?

Commissioner Kershaw:  Probably and I apologise for that. I was pretty nervous coming here today and needed a bit of moral support.

Senator Keneally: That’s refreshingly honest. When you took on this job, you promised a new broom approach. Would you elaborate?

Commissioner Kershaw:  Exactly. Take this disgraceful rorted document affair. Someone dodgied up that council site to embarrass Clover Moore. That’s clearly illegal. I can tell you here and now that if I had been in charge back then, every relevant witness would have been interviewed before I finally obeyed my political masters in Canberra and ruled that there was nothing to see here and declared “case closed” as I have so again here today.

Senator Keneally: Please excuse me. I’m getting a little emotional here. That’s the most honest answer I think I’ve ever heard in all my time in this Parliament.

Commissioner Kershaw:  Thank you, Senator. It’s terrible important that justice must not only be seemed to be done, it must also be seemed to be done.

Senator Keneally: If nothing else, your appearance here today has shown us why you were appointed as commissioner.

Commissioner Kershaw:  That’s very kind of you to say that, Senator. I ….














questioning AFP Comm., Reece Kershaw, about #angusgate & his response to just about every question is “I’ll take that on notice” Kershaw seems clueless about

& the entire ‘investigation’-he can’t say if ANYONE was interviewed!