Bernie sets the stage

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WASHINGTON: US Senator Bernie Sanders is facing allegations of misleading voters as he and his rivals make their final pitch for votes ahead of today’s “Super Tuesday” primary elections in 14 states.

In the lead-up to the primaries in which 1,344 delegates are at stake, Senator Sanders has taken to holding news conferences and public rallies on a fake White House podium (main picture).

In addition, he has been introduced as “the President Presumptive”, angering others in the race such as former US Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

But senior campaign staff of Senator Sanders have rejected claims of misleading conduct.

“Senator Sanders is leading the delegate race for the Democratic nomination — he has 58 delegates so far and Joe Biden, is next with just 50,” a campaign spokesperson said.

“A candidate needs 1,991 delegates to win the Democratic nomination at the July convention so even before Super Tuesday, Bernie is well on the way to victory there and if he’s our party’s candidate there’s no way he’ll lose against Donald Trump in November.

“Americans won’t make that mistake twice will they? Will they? No, seriously, I’m asking you for real. Will they?” the spokesperson pleaded.


CANBERRA: Australia’s controversial purchase of a dozen or slow submarines costing $80 billion from a French company has struck a fresh snag.

Translated from the French, a Direction des Constructions Navales Services spokesperson has apparently told Australian government and defence officials overnight: “Oh, you also wanted these conventionally powered vessels to be also able to travel underwater like our nuclear-powered Barracuda models can?”

“Well, that’s going to cost a lot, lot more. Seriousment.”


MELBOURNE: A 64-year-old Melbourne woman was admitted to hospital last night with multiple injuries after being assaulted at a meeting of feminists in the inner-city suburb of Carlton.

The woman, who wanted to be known only by her first name of Daphne, was rushed to nearby Royal Melbourne Hospital after sustaining several broken bones in the attack.

“It was actually the only feminist meeting I’ve ever been to,” Daphne told The Bug.

“I was only there to accompany my niece who was a bit nervous about attending her first such meeting and I’m still not clear on what happened and how I got so badly hurt.

“All I remember is being asked to introduce myself to the room and I explained I was Bettina’s aunt. It’s all a blur after that,” Daphne said.