Biden puts age on the agenda

US ELECTION2020 DINKUSThe entry of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg into the race for the US Democratic Party’s presidential nomination has prompted a change in the campaign tactics employed by former vice-president Joe Biden.

Mr Bloomberg, 78, this week made his first appearance in a televised debate featuring leading Democratic contenders including current frontrunner Senator Bernie Sanders, 78, and Mr Biden himself, 77.

The former vice-president has seized on Mr Bloomberg’s age to more explicitly talk up his own qualifications for the presidency, especially his relative youth.

“Like Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg is just too old to be president,” he told reporters during a photo opportunity at a Californian beach (main picture) before heading to a campaign rally in Nevada ahead of its Democratic Party primary election this weekend.

“Both of them say they are 78, but Bernie is actually five months older than Michael Bloomberg.

“But I’m only 77 so I’m the one with the youth and vigour that voters want in their president.

“I actually tick all the boxes for a presidential candidate.

“Let’s face it, we always pick a white man to run for president, and I’m a white man.

“The only exception so far was Barack Obama, and we only picked him because we didn’t want to pick a woman to run in 2008.

“When we finally picked a woman as our presidential candidate she also had to be white, but she ended up being beaten by Donald Trump of all people.

“So we’re not going to make that same mistake again, are we?

“So let’s get this thing over with and go with me — a white man who’s younger than some of the other white men in the race,” he said to reporters.