Cheating city council comes clean at last


Brisbane City Council has finally bowed to legal pressure and has agreed to stop using the Liberal National Party of Queensland’s intellectual property and branding image – distinctive consecutive blocks of blue and yellow running down the left-hand-side of official LNP campaign material.

The LNP has used the design – they call it their council campaign cleat – extensively during city council election periods since 2004 (file picture, below) and have long fought a bitter battle to try to stop the council administration using a copy cat image of that design.quirk bilboard

That bitter standoff has lingered ever since the council shamelessly adopted the same distinctive pattern as well for its own council pamphlets and all sorts of official signage, such as in council park entrances, bus timetable signs, libraries, sponsored music events and various council services.

But with further Federal Court battles looming over intellectual property rights, council chief executive officer Colin Jensen has acted to “ensure this deplorable confusion can be put to rest once and for all”.

The long-serving council head honcho has revealed a stunning new IP image for Australia’s largest civic council region – consecutive yellow triangles, red squares and blue circles that will run down the right-hand-side of all official council imagery (pictured at top).

The new design livery is expected to the run out over coming weeks and will cost upward of $25 million.

But Mr Jensen didn’t let the occasion pass without taking one final swipe at the LNP.

“I want to make one thing perfectly clear. City Council never, ever, used the LNP’s cleat,” he said.

“LNP has always had very strict rules as to the use of their cleat and always provides detailed instructions to printers or visual graphic designers using their cleat in material.

“For example, their blocks of yellow and blue were always in the dimensions of a depth-to-width ratio of 2.2 to 1.

“Council’s image was way, way different to that at 2.1 to 1.

“Also the amount of black ink – the ‘k’ in the CMYK configuration for the blue blocks the LNP used – was 21 per cent. Council’s blue blocks had a black content of 22 per cent.

“For these reasons, Blind Freddy could have told the two design images apart.”

A spokesperson for Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said: “Adrian is just glad this is finally over.

“It’s been a great concern to him that some ratepayers over the years have mistaken LNP campaign material for official city council communications.

“He’s had trouble sleeping at night over this. It’s kept Central Ward councillor Vicki Howard awake at nights too.

“I know back in 2012 when she was just the candidate Vicki was mortified that because of that council trickery, local voters thought she might have already been elected when she was clearly only the Lord Mayor’s ‘representative’ who had achieved great things for the ward.”

BREAKING NEWS: The LNP in Queensland has just announced a makeover for campaign materials used in Brisbane City Council elections.

“We’re tired of our existing branding image, to the perfectly honest,” a spokesperson said. “We’re toying with the idea of using yellow triangles, red squares and blue circles in some configuration or another.”