Teen activist takes top award


Teen activist Scomo Turdberg has been named as The Bug’s Australian of the Year.

Ms Turdberg was announced as the winner of this year’s award by the head of the judging panel,  The Bug’s investment and finance advice columnist Morrie Bezzle (pictured).

morrie newsconf“It’s true to say that in just a very short time Scomo Turdberg’s approach to climate change has galvanised Australians on the issue,” Mr Bezzle told the audience at the 2020 AOTY award gala in Brisbane last night.

“Her marketing genius has helped to make average Aussies more aware of what our government is doing about it.

“She has certainly ignited public debate. It’s as if she’s lit a bushfire across the nation.

“I know everyone here tonight and indeed across our nation would want to shake her hand, but sadly we can’t,” Mr Bezzle said, explaining that Ms Turdberg could not attend last night’s presentation ceremony in person because she was holidaying in Hawaii.

In a brief message via satellite Ms Turdberg (main picture) said: “How good is this award?”

She then closed her eyes, raised arm, held her hand palm upwards to the sky, and began repeating the nonsensical phrase “If you have a quiet Australians I’ll burn for you’ll get a go” over and over at rapidly increasing speed until it became unintelligible gibberish.

It was at that point Mr Bezzle ordered the satellite feed to be cut.