Radio station 2GB stands by Jones axing


Radio station 2GB this morning is standing by its decision to sack veteran shock jock Alan Jones yesterday after the broadcaster told his radio audience that Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s father John had “died of shame”.

“Alan’s attack on a fine Australian family was shameful in itself and he will never grace a microphone at this or any affiliated station ever again,” a station spokesperson said. “He had his chance and he blew it.”

Jones’s comments about Mr Morrison Senior, who died on Wednesday night,  came unexpectedly when the controversial announcer, 78, was taking a call from “sparkie” Trevor of Beverly Hills in Sydney’s south-west.

Trevor had innocently suggested that Scott Morrison deserved to be cut some slack from ongoing criticism of his recent performances during the bushfire crisis to deal with his family loss.

“I’ll tell you, son, who I’ll be cutting some slack. It’s his dad John, who my guess is now at peace after dying of shame over all the lies his son has told during his political career.

“My best guess is that he would have been red-faced with shame with the number of porkies that dribbled from his son’s mouth during last year’s federal election campaign.

“Scottie from Marketing couldn’t open his mouth without accusing Bill Shorten of always lying, before telling all sorts of fibs about alleged Labor policies.

“A death tax, for heaven’s sake! A vehicle tax! A pensioner tax! Pardon my French, Trevor, but what a load of bullshit.

“And since his reelection, the Liar from the Shire’s litany of lies has continued unabated.”

“I’ll come home as soon as I can! I’m sorry I went to Hawaii but let me explain why I’m not really. I know believe climate change is having an effect but let me now say a whole heap of rubbish to show I don’t really.

“I knew nothing about the sports grants rorts scandal! Well, boo hoo hoo, Mr ‘poopy pants on fire’ prime minister!”

Jones clearly got angrier as Trevor tried to defend the PM.

“I’ll tell you what I think, lad. You need to be tied in a chaff bag and dropped in the ocean.

“Are you a big boy, Trevor? We’ll need a big chaff bag for you then and that ugly fat, worker-hating bastard Clive Palmer who helped the Crime Minister just limp back into power with his own $60 million bag of election lies.”

Jones then told Trevor to “piss off” and “do some shoddy house rewiring that no doubt will kill someone sooner or later!”.

The veteran broadcaster then ran through more of the “farago of fibs” that in his opinion have escaped the PM’ slips – or those of his office staff- since the election.

“I’ve had a gutful of Morrison and that gut tells me that my loyal band of listeners have too. Apart from a-not-very-bright Trevor there!”

Jones could very well be right. The Bug understands the 2GB switchboard has been ablaze and has crashed repeatedly since news filtered out around midday that the station management had axed Jones.

But the same station spokesperson said almost all the calls were from listeners keen to know who the new presenter would be in Jones’s time slot.

Ina statement released overnight, Jones said that his comments about the Morrisons showed the fairness and balance he had always strived to achieve in “a four-decade career in professional broadcasting that I am immensely proud of”.

“I gave and took no quarter from either side of politics. My loyal listeners deserved no less and, by jolly, that’s what I gave them.”