Lady Downer: right fit for the job?



Let’s just assume that the news is correct that the Liberal Party of South Australia is going to parachute Georgina Downer into Cory Bernardi’s Senate vacancy.

This is the vacuous, lightweight, ABC what-the-papers-say bore, Institute of Public Affairs “let’s flog off the ABC” hack with the bullshit title and wannabe pollie who thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with deliberately and wilfully letting the good electors of Mayo last year think that she personally donated almost $130,000 to a local bowling club.

Repeat: absolutely nothing wrong with doing that.georgina's cheque

Not the skerrick of recognition in her brain’s synapses – not the tiniest fizz of disquiet that the brain of any decent and honourable person who knows right from wrong would have felt and reacted to – that alerted her to how awfully and disgustingly wrong she was to do that.

Even as someone supposedly with expertise in public policy and administration, nothing at all clicked in her privileged, born-to-rule grey matter that told her that this staged photo op for local media with her bullshit novelty cheque was just so, so, wrong on so many levels.

Her disgraceful, deceitful self-promotion, using her name and her large photo and the Liberal logo to clearly mislead voters over what was a taxpayer-funded offering, turns out to have been a major catalyst for the current probe into the Sports Australia cash grants scandal.

Lady Downer should have dropped the stunt when it was first thought up or offered, gotten off her privileged arse and done some old fashioned door-knocking. She might have lost Mayo by a smaller margin if she had done such a decent and honourable thing although that would have required real physical work that she couldn’t have outsourced.

Instead, at the time she cooked up a risible defence that no-one would have really thought it was a real cheque! Or that it was really from her? Or the Liberals? How pea-sized does anyone’s brain need to be to think that’s a vote winner! Or even makes the slightest of sense?

And yet the Liberal Party in South Australia apparently thinks she’s the best qualified person among their ranks to represent that state in our federal parliament.

Just let that sink in. And as you do, ponder why a growing number of Australians, especially the young, are losing faith in the democratic process.