Forgive me, father… a slip of the tongue

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You could almost hear and feel the air being sucked out of the ABC News Breakfast studio just before 7am this morning (Friday).

The “talent” was on the bench talking about some scientists who have used a machine that doesn’t go “PING!” to recreate the voice box of an Egyptian mummy to see how he (it was a male priest) might have sounded.mummy priest - net

Co-host Madeline Morris declared that seeing the mummy had been a priest, it would have been highly unlikely he would have been carting stones up to the pyramids.

Paul Kennedy, a dogged proponent of a certain royal commission into certain institutional responses to certain things that happened to kids, and co-author of a book that did much to help create it, begged to disagree.

“Some priests were hands on,” he said simply.

It’s worth having an ABC iview look at the reaction of the others on the bench, especially Nate Byrne.  You can almost sense he lknows he shouldn’t be laughing even if The Bug thinks Kennedy’s quip was absolutely divine and deserved a full-throated bench belly laugh from all concerned.


Not really a Glasshouse piece but we think Paul Kennedy would enjoy this little anecdote.

The father of a lad attending a certain boys college that adhered to the blessed Edmund Rice tradition was approached by a sports master who demanded that he pay for a new basketball ring that his son had broken by slam dunking and then swinging off it against the rules.

The boy’s dad steadfastly refused, adding: “I don’t suppose this would be the first case of ring abuse at this college.”


The Bug’s glasshouse can always rely on The Courier-Mail for a piece in this column.magic blunder -- net

At right is The Courier-Mail‘s online report this morning (Friday) on last night’s NBL clash between the Brisbane Bullets and the South-East Melbourne Phoenix.

It’s called the Phoenix because it arose in late 2018 from the ashes of various south-west Melbourne teams of decades past to announce its arrival for the 2019-20 NBL season.

The franchise, South East Melbourne Magic, died in the arse a long, long time ago which begs the question: how old is the sub who made this morning’s blunder?


While on the subject of The Courier-Mail we note this column has of late made mention several times of headlines in the Brisbane morning tabloid that fall easily into the tried-just-a-bit-too-hard column.

Well, here’s another from a few days back…..

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