To forgive the, must we first forget the?

media dinkusThis is a tale of omission. Well, two, actually.

The Bug‘s Glasshouse over time has gleefully pointed out examples of simple words missing that really mess up the flow of a story. We’ve spotted them in the lead story of some of Australia’s supposedly finest printed newspapers and in The Courier-Mail as well.

What we like about missing words is that, supposedly, any brain-dead moron of a sub should pick up their absence pretty quickly. It’s not as if a journo has written “phase” when they meant “faze” Or baton when they meant batten. Or called Shane Warne a fast bowler.smh 18jan the missing - net

Just the other day, a sub – and, yes, we know, it could be very wrong of us to assume there is a sub somewhere between the reporter and the reader the next morning – let through “fill-up” when the writer meant “fillip”, something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

Once again, who are we trying to kid? Maybe the writer used “fillip” and the sub knew better.smh 18jan the missing page - net

Anywho, missing words are lots of fun. Take the example above and right, from Saturday’s SMH.

The missing word is “the” …. as in “the saga”, not…”a Senate inquiry into saga when…”

It was in a yarn about Bridget McKenzie’s sports cash saga and the writers, Bob Harris and Angus Livingston, both somehow lost the “the” between them. And on their wages! They should be ashamed of mselves!

And, so, onto the second omission and The Bug‘s glasshouse thinks this is far worser. Well done if you picked that won up strait aweigh.

It happened in the SMH’s sister paper, today’s The Sun-Herald.

And it also involved poor Bridget and her sports rorts woes!

The omission: well, it was not just a missing word!

Not a single story, nary a par, about the scandal that has lit up social media for days.

Not a skerrick of a mention. Nada. Zilch. Fuckenzeeall.

The Sun-Herald is a standalone 9 masthead and presumably many of its readers turn to it just once a week for the latest news and views. Maybe even a bit of a wrap-up of the week’s hot topics.

So, the very day after independent Senators are calling for Bridget’s scalp and the Morrison government has brought out the big guns in Michael McCormack and Peter Dutton to defend the poor girl, have the editors of The Sun-Herald apparently decided the issue is dead and buried?

Both papers perused by The Bug were early country editions but that’s entirely irrelevant. Mistakes and omissions in the past have often made it through all editions.

Besides, are the editors of The Sun-Herald telling us that folk in country sports clubs in far-flung parts of NSW have no ongoing interest in the saga at all?  They’re not interested to know that darling Bridget threw $500,000 at the cash-strapped Mosman Rowing Club in a futile (thanks Janet!) bid to save Tony Abbott’s scrawny arse?

You know who we are talking about. Country and regional sports folk who worked hard preparing funding submissions because they thought, rather foolishly as it turns out, that they had a fair, open and honest chance for some Sports Australia funding to make their playing fields better/safer or to build or add some dunnies or improve clubrooms. That sort of stuff.

Silly, silly them.