PM good at smirking his responsibilities

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Well, at least we are all no longer in any doubt. We all now know the truth.

Scott Morrison was about as sorry for going on that Hawaiian family holiday when he did as Adolf Hitler must have been each time he got his monthly gas bill from Auschwitz.

Was there a more telling image of Scummo/Smoko/Smirko/Scott from Marketing/the Happy Clapper/ Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire’s mindset than the one of him and Jen both fuming away, silently and with mouths turned down, at that US military resort about the injustice of it all.

That’s the image presumably of him “scurrying” and “scrambling” to get a flight back to show some leadership as Australia burned. Right, Rob Harris of the SMH. Scramble, scurry, ScoMo in a hurry!

Sure, the mainstream media had done their best to help the plight of the Morrisons, singing raucously from the same songsheet.

All that MSM twaddle about there being nothing wrong, per se, about the timing of the Morrison family trip; it was the Prime Minister’s Office attempted cover-up that did the damage.

The cover-up, mind, that many in the “right to know” mainstream media happily went along with at the PMO’s direction.

But none of that matters when you’re all in fine voice – who knew Andrew Probyn could sing so well – and you’re just doing your best to put Scummo/Smoko/Smirko/Scott from Marketing/the Happy Clapper/Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire in the best possibly light, regardless of why or when he took flight.

He came home as soon as he could, cutting his holiday short by a day or hours. Or not all all if you believed Twitter and Facebook, and after all the MSM secrecy, why wouldn’t you? Social mediocre is rapidly becoming the new MSM.

The MSM response would have been the same if Bill Shorten had won back in May and had scurried off, exhausted and depleted, to the golden sands of Hawaii after a hectic year gaslighted …. sorry, highlighted ….. halfway by that miracle win with the help of the good Lord Jesus.

The next glimpse into the real state of Scummo/Smoko/Smirko/Scott from Marketing/the Happy Clapper Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire’s mind came from the radio interview he managed to fit in between all the last-minute scurrying.scrambling that finally allowed him to get home two days after he declared he was on his way.

He told 2GB that he doesn’t hold a hose or oversee a fire control centre. But he understood that Australians were anxious and, bloody hell, if his returning to Oz calmed that anxiety then “I’m Scott, I’m from Hawaii and I’m here to help”.

It’s the price you willingly pay when you audition for, and surprisingly get, national leadership.

Then came the staged media events on his return and various spiels from a failed marketer so poorly thought through that the saddest thing of all is that Scummo, etc, clearly thought they were good.

There was the “Jen and I” decision-making to share a blame he did not feel; the analogy of a plumber taking an afternoon job instead of picking up his kids that made no sense at all; the tug-at-the-heart-strings from a loving Christian father keen not break a promise to his daughters that must have gone down a treat with the two families who lost their fire-fighting dads and the reason Scummo, etc, finally decided it was time to come home, the “I know I can’t do much but I’m happy to stand by your sides” line.

Still, and let’s not all forget, okay, that it had been a demanding year and that OS holiday was deserved and most Australians would appreciated that.

Some of these comments/explanations/excuses were even said with just the hint of a possible tear-up although that was probably due to smoke from various fire fronts.

Then came the vote-winning strongman comments because you can never let an opportunity go by to take a shot at Labor, no matter how under the pump you are yourself.

The old Labor-would-cost-us-mining jobs line. The Howardian “I’ll decide what Australia has to do to combat global warming if that in fact exists and the manner in which that will be decided.”

The reluctant view, painfully extracted, that, sure, climate change may be contributing to the fires but it was just as likely to have been lightning strikes, self-combusting cowshit, arson, and the very real possibility that the Almighy Lord Jesus above was just giving us all a pre-rapture preview taste of the Rapture to come. Hallelujah, dear Lord, I await Your blessed redemption and salvation! I love you and I have made money!

Besides, Australia was leading the world in climate change mitigation. Oz was meeting all its targets. And our firies were also the world’s best and best equipped. The unspoken comment was that compensating them in some way for loss wages or income as self-employed people and for giving up  Xmas time with families wouldn’t make them any better at the wonderful job they were already doing for all of us.

The firies had everything they needed. They wanted to be on the fire front. Let’s smother them in thoughts and prayers as they do their amazing volunteer work.

That was how Scummo/Smoko/Smirko/Scott from Marketing/the Happy Clapper Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire apologised to the Australian people for fucking off when he knew damned well that the fires were only going to get worse and more people were going to die and hundreds more would lose their homes, sheds and livestock.

Scummo/Smoko/Smirko/Scott from Marketing/the Happy Clapper Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire showing he was about as sorry as a fox who entered the left-open door of a chook house.

Scummo/Smoko/Smirko/Scott from Marketing/the Happy Clapper Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire being about as apologetic and remorseful as a randy Year 12 student would be after trying to get a classmate pissed at Schoolies because he/she fancied his/her chances more if he/she was just a bit sozzled.

Scummo/Smoko/Smirko/Scott from Marketing/the Happy Clapper Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire showing all the compassion and caring nature of a Qantas flight attendant at the end of a very long flight at the end of a very long career aloft.

Scummo/Smoko/Smirko/Scott from Marketing/the Happy Clapper Slogan Bogan/Liar from the Shire giving off all the heat, emotion and passion of some triple AAA batteries that have been working nonstop in a toy since Xmas morning.