Agency fined for selling buyers short


The advertising agency behind the Hungry Jack’s tropical whopper promotion has been hit with a $2.5 million fine by Fair Trading NSW.

Sizemic Shift, based in Alexandria in inner-Sydney, is facing similar penalties in other states over the television ads and in-store images they created for the summer burger promotion.tropic whoppers - net

As The Bug has sensationally revealed in earlier posts – proving it cares more about consumer rights than any mainstream media outlet – the gap between the promoted image and the actual product bought in-store was, well, an absolute whopper (right).

The Bug can also reveal that Sizemic Shift has form in grossly misleading advertising.

Some years ago, when the VF Series 2 final Australian-made Holden Commodore was released, General Motors-Holden’s then ad agency Sizemic Shift was fined close to $12 million by various fair trading and advertising standards authorities around Australia over their print-media ads for the model (image at top).

Sizemic Shift, one of the nation’s leading ad agencies and design houses for the past two decades, also was almost put out of business 14 months ago when it was hit with substantial penalties over print and electronic media ads for a holiday package promoting a 14-day, 13-night tour of China.

In fact, the tour was only half as long and only visited nearby Taiwan and included a slide night showing images of Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Army all used prominently in the ad campaign.