Swift action on pleas for help


A Brisbane couple has reacted quickly after discovering written pleas from “prisoners” forced to work as “slave labour” when they opened their home-delivered take-away pizza.

Ann Hipster and Nick Beard of West End (main picture) said they had last night used the mobile phone app of a popular food delivery service to order a pizza.

“Everything seemed pretty normal to us at first,” Ann told The Bug.

“The pizza arrived and the person who delivered it handed it over as usual. Of course we pay through the app so we never need to handle cash or even tip the person who may have pedalled or driven their scooter to our place with our food.”

But Ann said the couple noticed a handwritten note stuck to the inside of the lid of the pizza box when they opened it. The note read: “Help me. I am working as slave labour in a pizza kitchen. Getting a very low hourly rate that doesn’t even cover the cost of getting to and from work. I have to buy my own uniforms. No meal breaks and the boss scowls if I go to the toilet. Please help me.”

At first the couple thought it was a joke.

“But then we noticed another handwritten note stuck to the bottom of the pizza box,” Ann said.

That note read: “Help me. I am working as slave labour for an online food delivery service. I have to supply my own bike. No worker’s comp if I get hurt. No sick leave. I get a pittance for every delivery yet the app maker gets a fortune. Please help me.”

The couple said the discoveries sparked them into action.

“I immediately tweeted something ironic to all my followers with a series of very pointed hashtags,” Nick said. “I mean, what more can we do? We’re just two people after all.”

Ann said she had enjoyed the pizza despite the shock of finding the notes.

“We took the pizza into the bedroom and as usual it was lukewarm and soggy. But we’ve become accustomed to that, so it was no biggie,” she said.