New fire scandal engulfs PM


New photos revealed exclusively in The Bug show the extent to which the Prime Minister’s Office misled media representatives over Scott Morrison’s recent Hawaiian holiday before he decided to return to Australia to face the nation’s bushfire crisis.

pm-office-pics-3-web-final_0_0_0_0_0_0Last week when reporters queried the PM’s whereabouts his staff refused to confirm he was out of the country and in fact issued a photo (pictured) showing Mr Morrison “hard at work at his desk in Parliament House”.

However, new pictures leaked to The Bug show the PM’s staff faked the shot by using a mannequin made up to look like the PM which was later disassembled before being smuggled out of his office (main picture).

The photos that were not circulated by his office included a close-up shot of “Scott Morrison” at his desk which clearly reveal the attempted ruse (pictured).

desk handsMr Morrison is yet to face the media to be questioned over the photos and a call to his office was met by an apparent recorded message saying staff had left for their Christmas-New Year break.

But the “message” turned out to be one of his staff members imitating an answering machine and when challenged by The Bug, the call was terminated.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese called for a Royal Commission into what social media has dubbed as “Dummygate”.

“This is a scandal of the highest order,” Mr Albanese said.

“It’s so bad, words are barely enough to describe the previously uncharted depths to which this Prime Minister and his staff have sunk in their efforts to bend the rules and deliberately mislead the public.

“Not even members of the Right of the NSW Labor Party have ever sunk this low….. as far as we know,” he said.