Queen dresses down PM

aroyal corres dinkusHer Majesty the Queen has used the opening of the British Parliament to send a subtle signal to Prime Minister Boris Johnson telling him that she is displeased about the number of times he has asked her to to attend and officiate at the ancient ceremony.

Throughout her 67-year reign the Queen has opened the UK parliament 66 times and the event is usually layered in pomp and ceremony. But for the latest opening ceremony Her Majesty and her son and heir the Prince of Wales treated it in a far more low-key manner (main picture).

This was taken as a signal that Her Majesty and others in the Royal Family were somewhat upset at having to deliver another Queen’s Speech just nine weeks after she gave her previous official opening speech at the insistence of Boris Johnson who had just assumed the Conservative Party leadership and the prime ministership.

That event was preceded by legal wrangling which eventually ended in a court ruling that Mr Johnson’s original advice to Her Majesty to approve the proroguing of the parliament was illegal.

However, the Queen’s Speech eventually went ahead in October although at the time Her Majesty was not happy, according to my Buckingham Palace sources.

I am told that she was even more upset when Mr Johnson called the 12 December election, knowing she would be required yet again to deliver another speech to open the new parliament so soon after delivering the last one.

One palace source said the Queen had been heard telling staff: “I’m buggered if I’m going to frock up again for this one. And don’t bother dusting off that fucking heavy crown. I’m not wearing it for that fat tousled headed turd.”