PM’s critics have egg all over their faces


Scott Morrison’s detractors all have their faces smeared with egg today after the overnight revelation via a Bug world exclusive that the PM is not holidaying overseas but has in fact been battling the fires on the central coast of NSW.

And the devoted Christian, keen not to big-note himself in any way, has been doing his volunteer stint as a firey with the NSW Rural Fire Service in total disguise – as Tony Abbott in fact!

In its world scoop, The Bug can reveal it refused to believe mainstream media and Twitter and Facebook nonsense that Mr Morrison would even think of taking a holiday when Australia, and particularly his home state of NSW, were ablaze and people’s lives and properties were at risk.

The Bug tracked down the PM on the firefront north-east of Taree (pictured at top and below) and he begged us not to blow his cover.

“Sure, Jen, me and the girls had planned a nice Xmas break in Hawaii as has been erroneously reported – and quite frankly I’d have been totally entitled to that break after the amazing successful political year I’ve just had and as a loyal and loving husband and father I’d be entitled to spend quality time with my family – but the good Lord spoke and I listened.

“I always think the Good Lord’s work here on earth should be done selflessly and unnoticed and should never be exploited for any personal gain.

“And it’s amazing how I’ve been able to work on the firefront without anyone noticing me.

“I knew Tony had been stood down for a few days by the NSW RFS after his own selfless work had him close to exhaustion, so I rang him and borrowed his RFS uniform, took off my glasses, stuck on some fake big ears and did this really forced and fake laugh all the time whenever I thought I was saying something clever or amusing to my fellow firies which was all the time.

“Well, when I wasn’t poking my tongue in and out like a lizard drinking.

“No-one caught on … and please, that’s the way I’d like it to remain.

“I’m basically a very humble man who just wants to get on doing his bit as a quiet Australian.

“These fires have been unprecedented and I’m sure climate change might possibly be just one of thousands of reasons for that, however unlikely that might be.”

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