Rivalry grows for yellow cap ‘honour’


The worst-performing minister in the Morrison Government will get to wear a yellow cap as a reward, starting on New Year’s Day.

The selected minister will to made to wear the cap for all official appointments, media conferences and in Parliamentary Question Time, if and when Parliament sits in 2020.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison reportedly thought of the idea while watching the opening match of the new Big Bash League Twenty-20 cricket season on TV while possibly holidaying somewhere in Australia or even overseas.

He will announce the inaugural yellow cap honour during his New Year’s Eve Facebook address to the Australian people.

Ministers will then be assessed at the end of each month, with the cap likely to change heads several times during 2020.

It’s expected a previous proud holder of the baggy yellow will present any new winner with theirs.

“The PM wants 2020 to be a year of achievement for his government and he thinks the yellow cap is an excellent way of making all of his team want to lift their game and produce results for the Australian people,” a government spokesperson said.

“The cap is not there to shame or humiliate anybody; the PM simply wants it to be an incentive to improve performance and make this current government the best all quiet Australians have ever seen.”

A spokesperson for Energy Minister Angus Taylor said the minister was not taking the honour for granted.

“There’s some fierce competition out there with the likes of Bridget McKenzie, Christian Porter, the environment minister .. aah, eer ….well, her … and others too so Angus knows he’s really going to have to lower his game even further, if that’s at all possible.”

A source within the Prime Minister’s Office said even the LNP’s leadership team would be in the running.

“Don’t discount the idea of Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg or even Finance Minister Mathias Cormann donning the yellow cap come January 1,” she said.

“The competition is going to be fierce!”