Is PK made of the right stuff?


Veteran ABC sports broadcaster Paul Kennedy is considering his future after a series of monumental blunders while reporting on cricket on the News Breakfast program today.

On three separate occasions in the hour up to 8am, Kennedy told viewers that Australia had won the day-night Test in Adelaide by 48 runs.

That result would have come as a surprise to the Aussie attack who laboured long and hard throughout two consecutive Pakis innings to finally dismiss the tourists still 48 runs short of the Aussies’ massive first-innings effort.

That’s a win by Australia, in common cricket parlance, by an innings and 48 runs.

It’s believed to be the first mistake ever made on air by the sports commentator, known affectionately as PK by the show’ co-hosts Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar and other onscreen personalities, in a long and glittering career.

The Bug understands the newsman was inconsolable when finally told of his mistakes and rushed to his star’s dressing room, previously used by Virginia Trioli.

Behind a lock door, Kennedy was heard to shout “Bad Stuff! Bad Stuff!” between sobs and made the comment: “I knew I shouldn’t have rushed in, pushed everyone else aside  and grabbed this room.

“It was selfish and petty of me and please, please, don’t tell me I’ve caught triolitis!”