A matter of who came first…..

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Has The Bug got this right? Or are we missing something altogether?

ABC TV’s News Breakfast banged on all morning about an interview with the woman, Virginia Giuffre, then known as Virginia Roberts, who claims Prince Andrew gave her a sweaty right-royal rogering in London when she was allegedly sex-trafficked there by the now dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in the early 2000s.

While the ABC news program was at pains to repeatedly point out the interview, appearing on UK TV at the time, was recorded before the Prince’s recent car-wreck interview with the BBC, somehow the News Breakfast team also seemed intent on presenting this woman as rebutting as ridiculous all the “I can’t sweat;  I was buying pizza at the time; It wasn’t me anyway” defences Prince Andrew made in that later interview.

Very curious and just a tad illogical.

Of course, The Bug could have this entirely arse about. We were wrong. Once. At least we think we were.


A few days on, The Bug would still dearly love to know who put this disgraceful heading (below) on this front-page piece of froth in The Sun-Herald.

Were the subs – we’re guessing Nine still employs some? – completely sidelined?

If they were used, did management pick one who’s a current LNP/IPA member and who wore a dark-blue tie to work and cuts their own hair?

Or did someone in management write it, with Nine head honcho Peter Costello standing behind his chair?

It remains a disgraceful piece of politically charged nonsense that the old Fairfax mob would have been rightly ashamed of, for any number of reasons.

Not the least of which is the theory that First Fashion Lady Jen’s dresses don’t appeal to women who get out and party and have a bit of noisy, boisterous fun while doing it.

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