Nine anger over dressing down


Nine Entertainment Co. in Sydney has reacted angrily to stinging criticism that a Jenny Morrison fashion piece on the front page of the Sun-Herald yesterday (below right) was an attempt to deflect attention from a shocking parliamentary week for her husband.sun herald jenny fashion piece- net.jpg

The company that runs the Channel 9 network also scoffed at widespread mainstream media and online gossip that:

The piece shamelessly exploited Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s oft-quoted slogan “the quiet Australians” whom he claims won him the May election, making the piece deliberately politically slanted;

Those supposed “quiet Australians” simply could not afford the outfits worn by Mrs Morrison and, anyway, were far too busy trying to put food on their tables for their families and to keep themselves housed; and

Nine would be unable to back up the story’s claims that gowns/dresses worn by Jenny Morrison flew off store hangers and sold out as soon as any publicity about them hit media outlets, mainstream or online.

A spokesperson for Nine Entertainment Co. chairman Peter Costello told The Bug this morning that the former federal Treasurer had left for a long lunch with John Laws and Allan Jones and could not be contacted.

But one source at Channel 9’s Sydney studios labelled all the criticisms as “absolute bunkum”.

“Jenny Morrison buys all her own clothes and puts them on herself and she would simply not flaunt herself in any outfit that she thought your average “quiet Australian” would be unable to afford,” he said.

“Sure, she treats herself every now and then with a Carla Zampatti or Ginger and Smart outfit costing $600 or $1200 or more but the Morrisons are like any other family in Australia in so, so many ways.

“People instinctively know the Morrisons are not above them, and the reason Jenny has become an unlikely style icon for everyday quiet Australians is clearly evident in two amazing outfits that our Sun-Herald story didn’t use, simply through lack of space.

“Who can forget the Black Caviar-inspired horse blanket-styled outfit (pictured at top) that she wore when visiting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace with her husband earlier this year? That outfit is available from Greg Grant Saddlery and other reputable equine suppliers for only $220, including GST.

“That’s well within the reach of a single mum with a couple of sprogs.

“And wasn’t she simply stunning in her Riverina Stockfeeds inspired chaff bag-themed outfit that turned heads at the state dinner in Washington with US President Donald Trump the other month?

“Any quiet Australian could step out in that outfit for less than $50.”

jen in chaff bag outfit - net.jpg