Climate expert lashes ‘ignorant toffs’


SYDNEY: North Shore residents still without power almost a week after that freak storm have only themselves to blame, one  of Australia’s leading climatologists and power industry experts says.

Professor Chris Uhlmann (pictured in his Sydney laboratory) said: “The sun’s been shining every day since that terrible storm swept through.

“But, oh no, these posh people thought they were above having ugly solar panels on their multi-million dollar roofs.

“So the jokes on these ignorant toffs as they now suffer the noise, the fumes and the cost of portable generators instead.

“They could have had all the power they needed in the daytime and if anyone could afford storage batteries to be able to access solar power at night as well, it would be these rich pricks.”

Professor Uhlmann, who in his spare time is also the Nine Network’s national political editor, said he did not regret his harsh criticisms.

“I hope these residents don’t just see my comments as a lot of hot wind; I don’t always blow up like this but blow up I will when I think it’s needed and the circumstances are right.”