Battle of the buses

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WASHINGTON: The new slogan adorning the campaign bus of former US vice-president Joe Biden has inspired others vying for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

Critics have suggested the “No malarkey” slogan chosen for the 77-year-old Biden’s current multi-state campaign tour uses an archaic term unfamiliar to young voters which shows he is too old and out of touch to be the Democratic nominee let alone president.

In response, his rivals have unveiled their own slogans for their campaign buses with 78-year-old Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders running with “No bladder control” which he said reflected his desire to be totally honest with voters.

Another major contender Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, 70, unveiled her bus in Boston covered with the slogan “What did I come into this room for?”.


CANBERRA: The Australian Federal Police elite fashion squad is believed to be close to an arrest as it continues the hunt for the sales person who convinced Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson that her outfit worn in Parliament this week (below, right) was in any way, shape or form a good idea.pauline's dress - net


MELBOURNE: Another young Australian has fallen victim to the drug-taking culture at music festivals.

Victorian Police report that a teenager, 19, who had attended a weekend rave in suburban Fitzroy, is in a serious condition in Royal Melbourne Hospital after consuming a potentially lethal mixture of  crystal methamphetamine, LSD, ecstacy, marihuana, cocaine and an Andrew Bolt Herald-Sun column.


CANBERRA: One of Australia’s leading female comedians has wowed bystanders with an impromptu performance at Canberra Airport.

“I’m never, ever, again going to tell the government how I intend to vote on any issue,” Pauline Hanson told travellers as she headed off for some Queensland gigs, before adding: “I’ve told Peter Dutton that I will support his moves to axe the Medevac legislation and my word is my bond.”