Time to flush Scummo away!

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Loud and angry Australians – take a bow!

One dodgy Newspoll does not a permanent swing make but our social media campaign against the Liar from the Shire appears to be working.

Newspoll has the Slogan Bogan, Daggy Dad, Boofhead-Next-Door, Happy Clapper, Talker in Tongues, Give-Me-A-Ball-To-Throw-or-Kick in negative approval territory.

His approval rating has dipped three points to 43 and disapproval is up nine to 52, putting him in the red to a very satisfying nine points.

If he stays there, even Leigh Sales will have to have him on 7.30 and ask why he bothers and why doesn’t he stand aside? Only joking! The ABC is too shit-scared to do that; besides, Morrison’s not Labor. Right, Leigh? Fran? Patricia?

Back to reality. It’s a great start to our online campaign to rid Australia of this lightweight, policy-free-zone moron well before the next election – and it’s particularly rewarding considering the LNP supposedly outgunned the ALP across such forums at the federal poll.

But we must not let up, and when I say we, I mean the loosely aligned members of the coalition of far-from-quiet Australians who can’t wait another two-and-a-half years to see their nation rid of flabby old Scooter.

We must remain vigilant – and virulent. Our ongoing assault on Scummo needs to be a vicious two-pronged attack – on his personality flaws that include his pathetic pulpitry for his wacko religion (he started it so let’s shove it back down his throat!) and his paucity of policies to move Australia forward.

Followers of my rants would know that I’m heavily into punishing Morrison for his years’ long campaign of personal vilification of Bill Shorten, made all the more contemptible because he claims to be a decent and fair Christian.

Decades of following politics taught me that personal attacks do not work because the Aussie public won’t tolerate it. The May 18 result turned that theory on its head.

My attacks on Morrison have a simple aim: the PM might have won the battle by constantly calling Shorten a liar and denigrating his personal attributes but for our nation’s sake let’s not let him win the war.

Let’s shorten his sordid little victory by chipping away at him personally to the point that his party will ditch him well before we do. Let’s force political wannabees in future to eschew full negativity and make them talk more about themselves and their policies.

Might even help stop the erosion of support among the public for the democratic process.

I burn for Australia when I think of Morrison’s hypocrisy over his so-called Christian values.

Any objective study of his work history shows the basic Christian rule of “do unto others” means fuck all to this far-right religious nutter. He’ll do anything to anyone to progress his own cause.

He really is a vicious, self-centred, money-hungry, obnoxious prick of limited abilities.

He might blame his Pentecostal “prosperity doctrine” teachings for the way he is, but I suspected he was that way long before he latched onto the Horizon Church as a cover for his meanness and mendacity.

Make no mistake: Morrison is not a Christian’s bootlace. As I commented on my social mediocre platforms this morning I used a portaloo at a suburban cricket ground at the weekend that had more Christianity to it than Morrison has in his entire body, mind and soul.

Why do I know this to be true? if I may be crass, it takes a godless cunt to recognise a godless cunt. And, trust me, Morrison is a godless cunt.

I’ll keep doing my very best over coming months online – and free! – to persuade my fellow Australians of just how godless and awful Morrison really is.  I desperately want to see Morrison’s approval ratings so far down the toilet bowl in that well-used portaloo over coming months that his Liberal colleagues will see no chance for their own redemption other than to pull the chain.

I’ll keep doing to Morrison what he, along with Abbott and Turnbull, did for years to Shorten.  Bill may not have been a brilliant PM but would have been ten times the leader this failed marketer and snake-oil salesman is.

Others much nicer than I am can concentrate on Morrison’s paucity of policies, particularly his blind indifference to, or deliberate neglect of, the climate catastrophe facing us all.