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Many of our front-page scoops over the years didn’t require too much further explanation….

The one above is self-explanatory. The Bug was the only newspaper in the world who interviewed God after the Beaconsfield mine disaster in Tasmania in early 2006.

Many would remember the tragedy for making Bill Shorten think he could be prime minister one day.

While the main interview with our Almighty Father was on page 3, The Bug editors thought the paper’s splash just about summed up events nicely.


Those of you who have been following our archival series over the past week have probably worked out by now that The Bug way back when was run by rather childish people with scatological tendencies, dirty infantile minds and low-grade undergraduate humour abilities that were at times racist or sexist in nature.

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A good example is the edition (above) in January 1995 that did its bit to celebrate sainthood for true-blue Aussie sheila Mary MacKillop. No other publication in Australia went into bat for the blessed sister more than The Bug, with its offer of a FREE Mary MacKillop face mask to celebrate her saintedness.

“We were just so proud to think that thousands of our Catholic readers who couldn’t afford to attend her beatification in Sydney by Pope John Paul No2 could at least have Mary MacKillop sitting on their faces at Mass the Sunday after that issue came out,” one of those original Bug editor/publishers told us by telephone from his high-security detention centre.cover - hayley lewis nude shock - net.jpg

He was probably the same bloke who came up with the cover at left.

The shock, some of you have probably already guessed, is that Hayley Lewis said no to The Bug‘s request that she pose nude for us.

Oh, dear. We know. We know!

What was it about The Bug back then that seemed to be quite misogynistic.

Take for example this front page from late in 1993, and the inside story that went with it.

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bronwyn bishop horror pix - net.jpg


Thank God/Allah/Buddha/whomever that The Bug is now run by people with sophisticated top-shelf satirical insights.

Tomorrow: The FREE board games and competitions that brought The Bug unwealth and misfortune.

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