When stunned students took a stand

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The “Bugger U” issue.

The Bug has never minded a bit of publicity – some of our front pages over the years would suggest that – yet the national attention we attracted in 1999 gave us the shits.

National media were ringing us to ask why such a wonderful institution of learning as the sandstone University of Queensland would ban us and, frankly, we were buggered to give a reasonable explanation.

But banned we were and it was all because the then students union – clearly run by right-wing femo nazis – had decided that our previous front page had made us unsuitable for the impressionable young minds striving for degrees on the campus.

Which did shit us off as the student refec was not only a wonderful drop-off point for our loss-leading publication but gave us the chance to brag “yes, of course we went to university!”.cover - thighs wide shut -  net.jpg

There’s the offending front page at right. Shocking, isn’t it?

It was The Bug’s response to probably one of the most boring movies of that or any other year, Eyes Wide Shut, directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring our Nicole Kidman and, standing on a stool beside her, Tom Cruise.

We knew it was awful because The Courier-Mail’s Des Partridge gave it five stars, forcing us to give it no stars to reach an acceptable balance of 2.5 stars, which is probably close to what it was really worth for those who stayed awake to entire time to marvel at Kubrick’s genius.

Sure, the cartoon suggests that Tom, rather than being keen to give Nicole one as nature intended,  might have been enjoying a bit of home-turf fun instead and we guess some women might have found that offensive?

Nevertheless – and even if we assume that attitudes were a little more prudish two decades ago – we at The Bug still marvel at how anybody on that campus would want to embarrass the institution on the national stage with such a stupid, knee-jerk, pathetic reaction to our piece of silliness.

Tomorrow as our archival reflections enter the home straight….
A look at some front pages that didn’t need much explanation.

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