Corbyn-mania hits UK voters

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With the UK elections looming on Thursday 12 December, The Bug sent one of its London-based correspondents out onto the streets to test the mood of voters. There they found widespread support for Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and little backing for Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party.    


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Bette Buckingham, 93, housewife: “Believe it or not, one has never voted before in one’s life. But one is very keen to cast one’s vote come December. One cannot stand the thought of that chubby, pasty, floppy-haired, little oink of a man staying in Number 10 much longer. One has grown tired of his empty windbaggery, and as for misleading me… I mean, My Majesty…. I mean, Her Majesty over the suspension of the parliament, well that was the last straw for one.  One can’t wait to get to one’s local polling booth and puts one’s one against one’s number-one choice for running one’s country, and this time it’s that nice Mister Corbyn.”


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Terry Sahmay, 63, full-time Labour Party volunteer: “I always want what’s best for the country I love and right now that ain’t Boris. Let him get a taste of defeat — yeah, de feet of the voters kicking him up the arse. Oops, sorry. I don’t usually swear, please forgive me.”

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Blair Whichproject 66, unconvicted war criminal: “I’m really hoping Jeremy Corbyn wins because I know he’ll do an absolutely hopeless job. That way he’ll make previous Labour governments look good by comparison, especially those — hypothetically — that might have been led by a PM who in turn was so easily led into making a complete fuck-up of the war in Iraq by a completely idiotic US President.”

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Cam Illaparker, 72, bowls player: “I don’t pay much attention to politics. But my partner follows it closely and he reckons Jeremy Corbyn is the best pick between the two contenders for PM. So I’ll be voting for Jeremy. I hope I don’t live to regret it, especially if he wins and suddenly bumps up all the taxes on fags and booze. Is nothing sacred anymore?”

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Joan Ott-Boris, 47, retired public servant: “I’m all for Corbyn and Labour at this election. I disagree with the PM on Brexit and almost everything else. I really can’t believe he’s running the country, or trying to. To have someone so untalented and egotistical running the country is sibling… I mean, simply unbelievable. But I shouldn’t let that brother me… I mean, bother me.”