Palmer in the running again


The Bug is once again accepting nominations for its coveted Australian of the Year Award for 2019 to be announced on Australia Day next year.

Chair of the judging panel, The Bug’s finance and investment columnist Morrie Bezzle, told reporters that last year’s winner Clive Palmer (main picture) would again be considered for the 2019 award.

“As I said at the presentation ceremony back in January, big Clive won the gong for 2018 because he typifies average Aussies,” Mr Bezzle told a media conference (pictured) during a break in Federal Court proceedings in Brisbane brought against him by the ACCC related to his marketing of a spray-on bushfire repellent.

morrie newsconf“Clive’s always been a big bloke with big ideas and big dreams and as we saw at the federal election in May, a fairly big wallet too when it comes to doing his bit for democracy.

“He’s not afraid to tackle big projects like rebuilding the Titanic and maybe even sinking it again, who knows?

“But above all, Clive is always cutting through pesky red tape, the sort of stifling rules and regulations that shiny-arsed pen pushers and eggheads impose on visionary businessmen in our nation just to make it harder to get ahead.

“Clive just crashes through all that sort of unfair and punitive bullshit, pardon my lingo,  such as environmental regulations or paying the entitlements of former staff at his nickel plant.

“Because of all that, Clive was the obvious choice for our Aussie of the Year 2018, and for 2019 I reckon Clive’s got a pretty good chance of taking out the gong again.”

Mr Bezzle cut short the media conference and walked quickly back inside the Federal Court building when reporters asked him to comment on rumours that he had received a commission for the placement of $60 million worth of anti-Labor advertisements Mr Palmer’s party ran across Australia as part of the May federal election campaign.