Shock candidate stuns Democrat hopefuls


Most if not all the existing Democratic candidates for next year’s US presidential elections are expected to withdraw following the emergence overnight of a new young star whom political pundits believe is destined for White House glory.US ELECTION2020 DINKUS

And the shock, fresh-faced candidate has the name of one of Washington’s “royal” families to hopefully propel her to victory over Donald J. Trump next November.

Few people even knew she existed before Havana Clinton-Lewinsky, 22, stepped out of the shadows and into the political limelight at a gala function in Washington DC overnight (pictured above).

Her “coming out” has taken place exactly one year out from the November 2020 vote.

Havana is the love child of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and two-term US president Bill Clinton, the until-now secret result of their scandalous affair between 1995 and 1996 and the sheets.

White House intern Ms Lewinsky sent all her dresses to the dry-cleaners and disappeared from public view soon after the scandal emerged and we now know why.

The Bug understands Havana was raised secretly in Arkansas and attended St. John’s Catholic Elementary School, Ramble Elementary School and Hot Springs High School, all alma maters of her famous father.

Despite where Havana was raised or schooled, there is no suggestion the 42nd President of the United States knew of her existence until now.

President Clinton was later impeached by the US House of Representatives after stating at the end of a media interview in January 1998 that he “did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”.

Clinton later admitted to having an “inappropriate relationship” with the attractive, black-haired intern although he continued to insist that while they might have enjoyed a smoke together, at no stage did he impale. He was later cleared by a politically friendly Senate inquiry.

While Havana has no practical background in  politics, last night’s function was part-celebration for her completing her honours doctorates in politics, sociology and economics after starting university at only 12.

Apart from a brilliant IQ, Havana is said to have the charisma and oratory skills of her father, now 73, and the oral skills and love of a fine cigar of her mother, now 46.

“She’s going to knock them dead,” one Washington insider said. “No-one’s going to care one jot that she’s got no political experience. Did that do Hillary any good?

“Havana held the room spellbound last night for well over an hour as she mapped out her hopes and dreams for her country’s future, interspersed with wonderful homilies and self-deprecating jokes.

“I tell you, the Orange Baboon [Trump] is toast.”

The current leading contenders for the Democrats nomination – Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden – are both expected to withdraw their candidacies by week’s end unless they die of old age first.lewinsky as presidentNEW - net.jpg

Others, including the likeable but lightweight Elizabeth Warren, will follow quickly, giving Ms Clinton-Lewinsky the rails run and the party’s seal of approval at its nomination convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in mid-July.

“You just wait until you hear Havana play the saxophone just before her acceptance speech at her inauguration in early 2021,” the insider said. “The American people are going to fall in love with this gal.” (artist’s impression at right)