Cup trainer takes new tack

melb cup dinkusControversial Brisbane-based thoroughbred horse owner-trainer Neddy “The Butcher” Slaughter is confident that one of his runners will today take out the 2019 Melbourne Cup.

Slaughter — known for the psychological as well as physical rigours he imposes on horses he trains — has been preparing three Cup entrants for today’s “race that stops the nation”.

“I reckon Boning Room Boy, Gluepot Tomorrow, and Fifteen Dollars Per Kilo all have a good shot at crossing the line first at Flemington this arvo,” he said.

“I usually put my horses through a tough, some say, cruel regime in the lead-up to a big race. But this year I’ve stepped it up a notch or two.

“As usual I haven’t been sparing the whip or the jigger, even when the horses are asleep. Both certainly help to keep them alert and quick on their feet, or hooves.

“But I’ve added a few extra flourishes this year. I’ve been surprising them each with a few unannounced overnight additions to their stalls (main picture).

 “Boning Room Boy particularly has responded pretty well, although I hope he loses the shakes before today’s race.

“I’ve also built a life-size reproduction of the Flemington track at my training stables with a couple of subtle reminders to the horses of what’s at steak if they don’t…. I mean, what’s at stake if they don’t give their all (pictured).

starting gate mince“Gluepot Tomorrow has responded well to that, but not Fifteen Dollars Per Kilo. If he doesn’t buck up by lunchtime I’ll have to scratch him — with a 60cm razor sharp steel garden rake.”

Slaughter said he believed his new approach this year to training horses for the Cup would “pay off big time”.

“I’ve told all three horses I expect at least one of them to win, if not all of them in a three-way tie,” he said.

“At worst I have told them I expect them to take out the three top placings. It doesn’t matter in what order because I don’t want to put undue pressure on them,” Slaughter said.