Fur ban is just the start

aroyal corres dinkus

News that Her Majesty the Queen is now refusing to wear natural animal furs is just the first in a number of steps the Monarch is taking to recast her image.

My Buckingham Palace sources tell me that Her Majesty has made it known to courtiers that she is determined to let “her real self” shine through to the British and world public as her life and reign draws to its inevitable end.

“In her thinking and attitude to life Her Majesty has always been a million miles from the public image she projects of a dour and straight-laced upper-class stereotype,” one source said.

“For example, as Monarch she cannot vote but has always leaned well to the left of the political spectrum and is now an ardent fan of Jeremy Corbyn.

“She has been known to tell those close to her that ‘at last Labour has a leader with the balls to be a true socialist party’.

“Her ban on natural furs is just the start of a change of image the public will see in coming months and years.

“A lot of people don’t know but the Queen has been a longstanding member of the Women’s Institute branch at Sandringham, near the country retreat where she spends the winter months.

“This year she decided to take part in the WI’s famous fundraising nude calendar for 2020. The annual fundraising effort was sparked by the real story behind the 2003 film Calendar Girls about members of a cash-strapped WI branch getting their kit off to raise money to continue their community work.

“In the 2020 WI calendar Her Majesty appears with other members on the September page (main picture).”

Other palace sources told me the public should brace for more royal surprises.

“Watch out, the Queen has a lot more shock and awe in store,” was the way one courtier put it.

“I can’t say too much but as a strong believer in climate change people should keep an eye out for a rather elderly protester the next time Extinction Rebellion members glue themselves to London streets,” the courtier said.