Taylor claims proof of innocence


Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, has sensationally withdrawn his apology to Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore after claiming he now has documentary proof to back his original claims of allegedly excessive travel costs by the Sydney City Council.

Mr Taylor called a news conference to tell the media the new evidence totally vindicated him.

“I have irrefutable proof that my claims were correct,” Mr Taylor said after spending the past week trying  to justify his allegation that Cr Moore had proclaimed a “climate change emergency” while travel by council officers contributed to emissions and cost $1.7 million in the past year for international travel and $14.2 million for domestic travel.

“Those figures have since been questioned, and Cr Moore and others tried to make out that they never appeared in the SCC annual report,” Mr Taylor said.

“I have always maintained that my office sourced those figures from the SCC annual report and I now have hundreds of hard copies of the report to show that the figures I used did appear in black and white.”

When asked to produce the evidence Mr Taylor (main picture) told media representatives they would need to wait.

“I’ll be able to give you the evidence very soon. I just need to print and staple the covers so they should be ready later today,” he said.