UK papers warn of poll danger


Great Britain’s right-wing print media have hit the streets with a vengeance, warning that the snap December 12 general election must not be fought only on the issue of Brexit.

Two of the mastheads – the Daily Mail and The Sun – have focussed on the grim future awaiting Britain’s Jewish people if Jeremy Corbyn ever gets his hands on the keys to Number election mastheads- daily mail - net.jpg

Both papers have devoted a large number of pages to what they claim has been the Labour leader’s strident anti-Zionist stance over many years, with both media organisations predicting the disliked socialist Labor leader would set up Nazi-era style extermination camps to deal with “the Jewish problem once and for all”.

uk election mastheads- the sun - net

The respected The Spectator newspaper takes a different slant, warning that Corbyn’s Labour Party intended to re-nationalise many aspects of British society. The paper tells the people of Great Britain that it’s not just the likes of rail services, airports and shipyards that are in Labour’s election mastheads- the spectator - net

The paper warns Labour intends to control the private lives of all Britons, right down to how many haddock and chips meals they can enjoy weekly, the pints of bitter they will be allowed to drink at their local pub each night, the alcohol content of their favourite tipple, and just how much tax they will impose on each drinker, smoker and eater to fund their loony left-wing agenda.

And in an accompanying editorial, The Spectator opines: “The good people of Great Britain must never underestimate what this Communist monster Corbyn is capable of as he seeks to impress his Moscow handlers”.

And probably the nation’s most revered and respected right-wing newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, is running with a 10-page Election 2019 supplement arguing that only statesmanlike Boris Johnson can unite the people of Great Britain and take “this great and proud nation forward and to glory at the next Football World Cup”.

The paper’s editorial also weighs in, saying far too few Britons realise that Corbyn and Labour’s policy manifesto was to ban football as “a sport of the ruling classes and the bourgeoisie who have deliberately made this once wonderful game far too expensive to be enjoyed by the hoi polloi”.

uk election mastheads- daily telegraph - net.jpg