Words of wisdom


The identification of the world’s wisest man has prompted his previously undeclared disciples and his adherents to urge others to follow his pronouncements.

The 73-year-old American mystic Guru Hans Small (main picture) this week declared himself to have “great and unmatched wisdom”.

guru scomoThe Washington-based religious leader of a disruptive sect has been prone to making unchallenged and often provocative declarations.

According to experts in eastern religions, Guru Small Hans’s sect has some unconventional beliefs including their habit of worshipping large walls.

His declaration, effectively making him him the world’s wisest man, has drawn his formerly anonymous followers to identify themselves.

One such adherent is a 51–year-old Australian who gave The Bug only his spiritual name of Havago Yugetago (pictured).

“Guru Hans Small is truly the wisest man in the world today,” he said.

“I met him personally on a trip to Washington and I can say he has a magnetic personality and is someone I have no hesitation in following, no matter what he asks of me.

“He went all out to make me feel good and even shouted me a fancy dinner.

“I can say that based on my dealings with him that he is a very stable genius and the world is better for his leadership and I urge others to follow him and his teachings.”

Expert in religion and spiritualism at Columbia University in New York, Professor Cole Case, said he had been aware of Guru Hans Small for many years because the spiritual leader had previously been a longstanding NYC resident.

“I had done a fair bit of research and read a fair bit about him before he attained his current exalted position,” he said.

“I knew from all the stories about his previous activities that he was more than likely a wise guy, but now there is no doubt whatsoever,” he said.