Swedish teen urges calm


A teenage climate change activist made an impassioned speech at yesterday’s Extinction Rebellion protest in Sydney urging the crowd to “calm down” and “take it easy” on the Morrison Government because it was doing all that was possible to combat global warming.

Scomo Turdberg (main picture), who told the crowd she was 16 and from Sweden, said her generation was looking for leadership from governments around the world to tackle climate change.

“I think that we have found that leadership right here in Australia,” she told the crowd.

“I know how deeply people feel about this issue but the public debate is full of disinformation about my govern…. I mean, the Australian government’s climate change policies.

“It often comes as news to people when I, a 16-year-old girl from Sweden, tell them that Australia has the highest per capita investment in renewable energy of any country in the world.

“I do understand that people feel strongly about this, but I think we also have to take stock, we have to ensure we get a proper context and perspective.

“I want children …., I mean other children like me growing up in Australia….,  I mean growing up in Sweden which is my native country by the way, to feel positive about their future.

“I don’t want our children…. I mean, any children like me who live in Sweden and may be only 16 like me, to have anxieties about these issues,” she said to the crowd that throughout her speech was busy texting or taking mobile phone photos and uploading them to social media.

Ms Turdberg concluded her speech by saying that too much of the climate change debate consisted of scary claims and imagery such as polar bears floating on rapidly melting icebergs.

“How good are polar bears!” she yelled to the crowd before walking off stage.