Entertainers deny ‘blueface’ claim

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Blue in the face over busking

Police in New York say they were forced to lock American entertainers the Blue Man Group in a jail cell for their own protection.

A New York Police Department spokesperson said problems arose at a publicity appearance in Times Square when members of the group were busking to promote their latest show.

“They were physically harassed and threatened when several dozen members of the Argyria Association of America walked past on their way to attend their annual convention at a nearby hotel.

“Coincidentally, a few moments later members of the American Cyanosis Society also arrived on the scene as they were on their way to their own convention nearby.

“The AAA and ACS members accused the Blue Man members of performing an offensive ‘blueface’ routine and began yelling and screaming at them and then jostling them.

“The crowd soon swelled as pictures of the group and their alleged offensive appearance spread like wildfire on social media.

“In the end officers at the scene decided that the Blue Man Group members were at physical risk, so they were loaded into a police van and whisked to the nearest precinct building where they remain behind bars (main picture) until we know for sure it’s safe to let them back onto the streets,” the spokesperson said.

A representative of the Blue Man Group said its members apologised to anyone offended by their act and plans were under way to trial other make-up colours for future appearances including black, yellow, brown, and red.

China explains its strategy

Ongoing controversy about China’s global economic expansion has prompted its government to better explain its signature Belt and Road initiative.

A spokesperson at the Chinese Department of Foreign and Economic Affairs called world media representatives to a news conference in Beijing to outline the strategy.

The spokesperson began by saying: “It’s very simple.

“You get out of our road or get belted,” he said before folding his notes and walking off the stage.

Singers get together

News that US pop singer Mylie Cyrus and Australia’s own Cody Simpson are dating has surprised their fans, and Simpson himself.

Cyrus, 26, posted on her Twitter account that she and Queensland-born Simpson, 22, were dating after her split from Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

Simpson told The Bug that he and Cyrus started going out a few weeks ago after meeting at a Los Angeles nightclub.

“We hit it off straight away, but I have to admit I was surprised when I found out it was Mylie Cyrus I had been flirting with,” Simpson said. “After all I’ve never before seen her with clothes on.”