Candidate changes tack

AMERICAN POLITICSA leading major US politician vying to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for the November 2020 presidential election has made dramatic changes to his campaign.

The Senator from Vermont previously known as Bernie Sanders used a short stay in hospital for a minor heart procedure to reset his entire campaign and public image.

During a campaign speech in his home state — his first public appearance since making the changes (main picture) — the now Senator Daniel Grump explained the thinking behind the revamp that included changing his name by deed poll and overhauling his personal image.

“People say I’m a guy who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, who is fairly direct and blunt,” he told the crowd to wild applause.

“I’m contrary, cantankerous, grouchy, even grumpy on occasions. So I thought why not embrace all of that.

“Besides, if I want to grab the Democratic nomination and then the presidency I need to attract more than just those voters on my side, the left side, of American politics.

“I need to lure across lots of right-wingers, including those who supported Donald Trump in 2016.

“So as I was lying in my hospital bed and the doctors and nurses were working to insert a stent in my heart I thought there’s nothing to lose if I make a few dramatic changes at this stage of the campaign,” Senator Grump said.

When asked by someone in the crowd if his tactics simply revealed the real possibility of President Trump securing a second term, Senator Grump went pale, clutched his chest, and asked aides to take him to the nearest hospital.