A dam fine idea floated


Rural communities across Australia want fake dams to be built to trick God into bringing drought-saving rains to their regions.

The idea is the brainchild of the National Farmers Federation, AgForce Queensland and the Country Women’s Association lamington cooking division.

“We realise that the very heavy cost of infrastructure means not all regions will be getting the mega dams the Morrison government has promised to build asap to attract decent, heavy and prolonged falls to those catchments,” a spokeswoman for the peak organisations told The Bug.

“But how expensive would it be to have, say, a dozen fake paper mache Caterpillar D11s or other earthmoving equipment (main picture) on open ground somewhere with what appears to be a major dam wall under construction?

“Could the good Lord Almighty above not look down on such industry and not reward it with monsoon-level rains?”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a devout Pentecostal Christian, said he endorsed the idea in principle but cautioned about tricking God into such divine works.

“I’m rapt with the idea but what if such trickery caused Jesus Christ our Lord to bring forward the Rapture?” he asked.

“I’ve been flat-strapped as everyone would know insulting China and embarrassing Australia on the world stage and, quite frankly, Jen, me and the girls just aren’t ready yet for the big R event. We’re not even packed.”