Trump’s line hooks PM

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Trump bungles key line

The White House has confessed that US President misspoke when he labelled Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, a “Man of Titanium”.

scomowash2During a news conference in the Oval Office, Mr Trump acknowledged former PM John Howard had been designated a Man of Steel for his strong backing of former President George W Bush during the Iraq War.

“The President rehearsed his remarks about Mr Morrison, but obviously not enough times because he ended up making a bit of a hash of the line,” a White House source told The Bug.

“The President is no fool. It was  a calculated move on his part to lay the ground for enlisting Australia in potential future armed conflicts with those who cross the USA including rogue states like Iran.

“He wanted to lock in Australia’s involvement in those conflicts – which include potential nuclear strikes – by labelling the Prime Minister in the same way George W Bush did to Mr Howard.

“Unfortunately, Mr Trump said Mr Morrison was a Man of Titanium when the lines was meant to be that he was a Man of Uranium.”

Head start on renovations

Emergency renovations are under way at Parliament House in Canberra to ensure it can comfortably accommodate Prime Minister Scott Morrison on his return from his trip to Washington.

washscomo7A spokesperson for the building’s facilities manager said construction teams had started in the Prime Minister’s personal office (pictured) to lift the height of ceilings and doorways to accommodate Mr Morrison’s head on his return.

“In previous years we have had to do some similar works on a comparatively minor scale when prime ministers return from meeting a US President,” the spokesperson said.

“But advanced information relayed to us from Washington suggests we need to undertake this work on a scale never before anticipated. So we’ve had crews working around the clock to ensure the renovations are completed by the time the PM returns.”

Trudeau scandal widens

The “brownface” scandal that has engulfed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to widen.

brownfaceIt is understood the action of those behind the release of incriminating photos from Trudeau’s past is about to morph into a widespread global campaign along the lines of the Me Too movement.

The Bug understands several prominent identities in politics and the entertainment industry are about to be expose by anti-brownface activists.

They include US screen and TV actor George Hamilton and former Australian Liberal Party politician Andrew Peacock (pictured), both of whom are believed to have proclaimed their innocence to close associates.