Aunty Pauline slams ‘racist’ welfare plan

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Australia’s most vocal white indigenous leader has slammed as “racist and demeaning” federal government plans to control how white welfare recipients spend their youth allowances and Newstart payments.

Aunty Pauline Hanson said she would vehemently oppose any plans to introduce a cash card system that allowed the Morrison Government to control 80 per cent of payments to white recipients to ensure they were spent on basics such as food and rent.

” While there’s not a racist bone in my body, for the government to say white people, indigenous or simply awaiting indigenous status, can’t be trusted not to waste their welfare payments on illicit drugs, alcohol and the pokies makes me sick in the pit of my stomach, it really does,” Aunty Pauline, from the Suckonda Publicteat peoples of south-eastern Queensland,  told The Bug.

Aunty Pauline said her recent visit to the summit of Ayers Rock (main picture) for a summit with black indigenous locals confirmed her view that native black indigenous Australians needed supervision in most aspects of life.

“It’s not their fault,” Aunty Pauline said. “It’s just not in their NDA (sic) to live life in an ordered, sensible, European way.

“They’re just wired difficultly (sic) from normal people,” Aunty Pauline said in that wavering, hesitant and nervous voice she uses to make battlers think she’s not only like them but cares for them as well.

“Look, I know this is not a black and white issue, but to say black and white Australians are the same and should be treated the same is the most shameful racist statement I’ve heard for a long, long time.

“So of course black Australians, whether they are indigenous or not, need guidance by being given cashless cards to control their spending, and I make no apologies for not talking about them in the first peoples (sic).

“They also need regular blood tests to check for illicit drugs, alcohol, venerable (sic) diseases and to confirm they are pure bloods and entitled to various handouts and not, as I suspect many are, Chink, other Asian or Muzzie half-castes,” Aunty Pauline added, deliberately mispronouncing words as well to make battlers think she’s not only like them but cares for them as well.

The CEO of a quasi-government, community-based organisation that works to ensure welfare payments to black indigenous Australians are spent wisely on behalf of all Australian taxpayers has endorsed Aunty Pauline’s comments.

Control Of Our Natives’ Spending chief executive officer Aunty Winifred Whites-Goodenough is herself an indigenous white Australian after emigrating here as a young woman from Brixton in London after the race riots there in April 1981 and taking out Australian citizenship “before realising how many darkies Australia had too”.

“It’s just a basic fact of life that black indigenous Australians simply can’t be trusted to look after themselves,” Aunty Winifred said.

“Yet poor Aunty Pauline is probably going to get all sorts of racism charges levelled at her once again just for making that basic honest statement,” she said.

“She’ll cop it in her lovely, freckled red neck as she always does just for calling a spade a spade.

“That’s just a crying shame seeing there’s not a racist bone in her body and I’ve never, ever, had one in mine either.”


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