England-Scotland border now a dump site


The increasing likelihood of a no-deal Brexit for the UK has inspired a leading British sculptor to design a giant roadside statue to commemorate the looming event.

Cardiff-based artist Randy Coil, who goes by the nickname Rancid, told The Bug: “A No-deal Brexit on October 31 will almost definitely lead to the demise of Great Britain with Scotland breaking away and staying with the European Union.

“So I wanted to honour the person who has done more than anybody else to bring about what Nazi Germany couldn’t achieve in World War 2 – the destruction of Great Britain as we know it.

“We all know that person is David Cameron who, as our fuckwit former Tory Prime Minister, caused all this chaos with his brainfart of an idea to hold a referendum on European Union membership as a way of getting around some trivial problem he faced politically.

“But I couldn’t for the life of me get a handle on what the statue tribute to him should look like.

“But then while I was enjoying a dozen pints of Brain’s Bitter in my local the answer came to me loud and clear as I sat on the crapper: a massive image of a naked Cameron, on his haunches like the dog he is, shitting all over Great Britain!

“And what better place to position it than right on the M1 border between England and Scotland. It’s the perfect way to honour the arsehole, so to speak.”

Rancid’s striking 200-tonne, six-storey, steel-framed and polished bronze-panelled sculpture has now been installed on site (top image) for motorists to enjoy well before its official opening on November 1 by Queen Elizabeth.