Britons in suspense

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The Bug’s team of Fleet Street (Swindon) correspondents and photographers took to London streets to seek the views of average Britons on plans by new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament in a move critics claim is a heavy-handed tactic to avoid debate on a no-deal Brexit.



John Borison, 55, accountant

Yah, I think our new PM is just brill, what. His plan for suspending parliament is a tip-top idea. I’m sure he has other ideas for Brexit, but does it really matter if he doesn’t? The most important thing is that he is Prime Minister.


Josh Robinson, 55, full-time fop

Yah, I think he’s doing a top job, what. This kerfuffle over parliament being suspended should be seen for what it is – a masterstroke, sheer genius, by a sheer genius. Every chap and chapette in the nation should be thankful he’s our PM. I say old bean, does it really matter if he doesn’t have a Brexit plan? The most important thing is that he is Prime Minister.


Bo Shornjoins, 55, housewife

Yah, I don’t think that the suspension of the parliament is being used to cover my… I mean, his lack of a Brexit strategy. Golly gosh, it’s a capital idea. Let’s not get wrapped up in all this fuss and nonsense over a Brexit plan. The most important thing is that he is Prime Minister.

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Terry Sammay, 62, party planner

I have nothing personal against the current Prime Minister. But I can’t understand why that fat, tousled-haired, empty-headed, policy-free, self-promoting fuckwit was preferred by Conservative MPs to that dedicated, genuine, and hard-working woman who had the job before him and who clearly gave her all for the country I… I mean, she loved (sobbing). Let’s face it, at least she had a plan but he’s got nothing. It seems to me that to him the most important thing is that he is Prime Minister.

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Joss Hoinborn, 55, retired beatnik

I’m a big Jeremy Corbyn fan. No really, I am. He’s a jolly good fellow with lots of brill ideas, what. But even I think the chap now in 10 Downing Street is way, way better. We can go on and on about Brexit this and Brexit that. But, the most important thing is that he is Prime Minister

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Betty Buckingham, 93, ribbon cutter and gin judge

One doesn’t think one should blame Her Majesty for the situation one now finds oneself in. One should know that one…. I mean, she has a constitutional duty to fulfill and has done so, as always, perfectly and to the best of one’s… I mean, her abilities. So lay off one… I mean, her.